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Mountain Goats!

Mountain Goats: Kids, Nannies and Billies

Mountain Goats: How to Count Mountain Goats

Mountain Goats: Mountain Goat Horns

Mountain Goats: Secrets to a Mountain Goat's Success

Mountain Goats: Foot First

Mountain Goats: Mountain Goat or Bighorn Sheep

  • Kids, Nannies and Billies
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  • How to Count Mountain Goats
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  • Mountain Goat Horns
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  • Secrets to a Mountain Goat's Success
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  • Foot First
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  • Mountain Goat or Bighorn Sheep
Mountain Goats ['moun-tən] [gōts]
Sure-footed member of the antelope family with backward curving horns and thick white coats that lives in the mountains.

Early explorers thought this creature was a white bear or white buffalo. Now we call them the "King of the Mountain." Mountain goats live on the roof of the world. They can climb almost straight up and down Idaho's most precarious peaks. Their diet consists mainly of grasses, woody plants, mosses, lichen and other vegetation. Female goats, or nannies, live in small groups with the youngsters, while the males, or billies, tend to be loners. The nannies teach their kids all they need to know to live in their mountain habitat.

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