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Mountain Goats: Books

Life on the Rocks: A Portrait of the American Mountain Goat


ISBN: 1607322919
Ages 10 and up

This book is intended for mountain goat enthusiasts who want to know more about how mountain goats live. Written by a biologist who studied them in three different mountain ranges, this book has photographs and scientific details for you to explore.

Mountain Goats (Animals That Live in the Mountains)

Cartoon Goat

ISBN: 1433924978
Ages 4 and up

Early readers who want to know more about mountain goats will love to read this book. Lots of great photographs with details about the diet and habitat of these unique creatures.

Mountain Goats: Amazing Pictures and Facts About Mountain Goats


ISBN: 1505464218
Ages 6 and up

This book is from the series “Let's Learn About,” a great series for school-aged science lovers. In this book, science, photographs, and great reading come together to teach about the life of mountain goats. This chapter book covers many details about these animals including how they are able to climb mountains so well.

Mountain Goat Babies!

Baby Goat

ISBN: 1560375442
Ages prereaders

This is a boardbook for really early learners. Pictures are all focused on mountain goats.

Three Billy Goats Gruff (Flip-Up Fairy Tales)

Silly Goat

ISBN: 1846430895
Ages 3 and up

This version of the traditional fairy tale is organized with flip up features designed to help with prediction skills. Share this fun, classic story by reading it aloud or using the accompanying CD. Great illustrations are fun to enjoy with your kids too. This would make a great book for young children, but also for school-aged youngsters who need exposure to these traditional gems. Additional fairy tale books are available in this series.

Mountain Goats (American Animals)

ISBN: 1477709525
Ages 7-10

Learn about the adaptations that make these agile climbers and champion leapers so suited for their mountainous habitat. Beautiful photographs of mountain goats and their high-altitude homes will enchant middle-grade readers.

Mountain Goats of Glacier National Park

ISBN: 1560374721
All ages

Children and adults will be amazed by these awe-inspiring photographs by the award-winning Sumio Harada, who has spent 18 years studying and photographing mountain goats. The supplemental text is helpful, but even non-readers will enjoy these spectacular images taken amidst the clouds, peaks and crags of Glacier.

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