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Mountain Goats: Teachers

Idaho Project Wild Lesson Plans


De-Feet — Investigate how different types of foot designs might help mountain goats stay away from predators.

Mountain Goat Escape — Design, build and test animal hooves that would be best adapted for a variety of substrates.

Hang On, Get A Grip — Demonstrate adaptations of specialized feet for specific habitats.

Kids on the Edge — Learn about and understand the hazards and perils in the life of a mountain goat.

Idaho Project Wild Activity Sheets


Mountain Goat Matching — Match the mountain goat terms to their definitions.

Cross Number — Test your mathematical abilities with this “Billy” of a Cross Number puzzle.

Draw a Mountain Goat — Consider yourself an artist? Well even if you don't, you can learn how to draw a mountain goat with four easy shapes!

Idaho Mountain Goat Ranges — Test your knowledge by identifying the Idaho mountain ranges where mountain goats live.

Mountain Goat Relatives — Learn about which animals are directly related to Mountain Goats.

Relative Research — Find the similarities and differences between mountain goats and their cousins.

Mountain Goat Quiz — After learning about mountain goats on this site, take the Mountain Goat Quiz to see how much you have learned!

Additional Resources

Goat on Cliff

The U.S. Forest Service has an extensive background paper on the mountain goat.

Three Billy Goats Gruff lesson you may want to use before sharing the activity listed in Science Trek's games section.

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