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Muscles: Books

Arm muscles

Muscles: Our Muscular System

ISBN: 0688177204
Ages: 6-10

Great introduction to the muscular system by a well-known writer of science materials for kids. Great pictures, including diagrams and photographs, compliment the text that kids and adults will find interesting and very educational.

Arm anatomy

Understanding Your Muscles and Bones: A Guide to What Keeps You Up and about (Usborne Science for Beginners)

ISBN: 0746027397
Ages: 8 and up

A fun look at bones and muscles. Filled with facts and great illustrations to inform and entertain. Best for experienced readers and for sharing aloud.

Look Inside: Your Skeleton and Muscles (TIME for Kids Nonfiction Readers)

ISBN: 1433336359
Ages: 6 and up

Time is always a great choice when it comes to informational text for kids. Here they study the relationship between the skeleton and the muscles and how they work together. Great photographs with additional illustrations overlapping the photographs in some places to show how the muscles help move the body.

Human skeleton
Shoulder muscles

The Mighty Muscular-Skeletal System: How Do My Bones and Muscles Work? (Slim Goodbody's Body Buddies)

ISBN: 0778744337
Ages: 8 and up

Slim Goodbody is the science instruction "go to" when it comes to the body. Find out what Slim has to say about the muscles and the bones in the human body. Fun illustrations.

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