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Nuclear Energy: Books

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Nuclear Power: How a Nuclear Power Plant Really Works

ISBN: 097057522X
Ages: 6-8

A rat and a bluebird explore what is happening in a nuclear power plant. A fun introduction to this energy source with bright pictures and rhymes for primary grade children. Be aware that no drawbacks are discussed.

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Nuclear Power (Energy for Today)

ISBN: 0836893611
Ages: 6-8

A concise introduction to nuclear energy. This book discusses the benefits of nuclear energy over fossil fuels in an age of global warming and climate concerns, yet also discusses associated safety concerns and the ongoing work of scientists. Includes glossary, index, and recommended resources.

Finding Out About Nuclear Energy

ISBN: 1467745561
Ages: 7-10

With simple text and photographs, this book addresses the production of nuclear energy, its pros and cons, and its use in the future.

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Nuclear Energy (Tales of Invention)

ISBN: 9781432948887
Ages: 8-10

Readers learn about the discovery and development of nuclear energy, the scientists who were involved, and the setbacks and successes they experienced along the way.


Energy From Atoms: Nuclear Power

ISBN: 1477702830
Ages: 9-12

Emphasizes the early discoveries of power from atoms, the current uses of nuclear power, and future possibilities. Part of the series Power: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Nuclear Energy (Discovery Education School Science: Physical Science)

ISBN: 0836833627
Ages: 10-13

With graphics and illustrations, this book for grades 5 and up introduces the history of nuclear energy, its negative and positive aspects, and its role in the future.

Nuclear power plant

Nuclear Energy: Power from the Atom

ISBN: 0778729358
Ages: 10-13

Both the benefits of nuclear energy (clean and reliable) and the drawbacks (waste and accidents) are explained for middle-school students. Case studies show how new technologies may help make its production safer in the future.

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