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Nutrition: Guests

Ruth Schneider

Associate Professor of Nutrition, Idaho State University (Meridian)

Ruth Schneider received her undergraduate degree from the University of Idaho and her Masters of Public Health in Nutrition degree from the University of California in Berkeley and is a registered dietitian. She currently works at Idaho State University in Meridian as an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Dietetic Internship. She has taught nutrition for over 20 years, at both Boise State University and ISU. She also had a private practice for several years where she did outpatient counseling.

Ruth's areas of interest include nutrition in public health, childhood feeding practices, and of course, cooking! She also likes to be physically active, and walks daily, skis, rides her mountain bike and works in her vegetable garden.

Ruth Schneider was also a guest scientist for this topic in 2010.

Colleen Fillmore

Director, Child Nutrition Program, Idaho State Department of Education

Colleen Fillmore, PhD, RD, LD works at the Idaho State Department of Education as the State Director for the Child Nutrition Programs. She earned a Ph.D. in Adult Education and Learning at the University of Idaho and Masters degrees in Human Nutrition (at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln) and Food Science/Management (at Idaho State University).

Colleen is a registered and licensed dietitian and has worked in USDA Child Nutrition programs for twenty five years at both the school district and state agency level. Colleen has done extensive research on the Boise Basque Dietary Culture and published a book in 2008 titled, Basque of Boise: Adult Dietary Culture and Tradition. Colleen's passion has been to bring the teachings of dietary cultural behavior into Child Nutrition programs.

Colleen has been married for over thirty years and has two sons.

Colleen Fillmore was also a guest scientist for this topic in 2010, 2007.

Past guests for this topic include: Rhonda O'Brien, Stacy Middleton, Victoria Selkirk.

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