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Owls: Books

Owl with Books

National Geographic Readers: Owls

ISBN: 1426317433
Ages 4-8

This incredible book on owls has everything a great science book should have — photographs of various species of owl, up close with lots of detail; a great text, suitable for early readers; and the National Geographic reputation behind it all.

Owl with Glasses


ISBN: 0823420140
Ages 6 and up

Enjoy learning all about the owls of North America. Great information about their behavior, their habitats, and what they need to survive. Illustrations and diagrams bring the point home.

Exploring the World of Owls

ISBN: 1554079578
Ages 6-12

Owls live all over the world, yet they have lots of things in common. Find out about these magnificent creatures in this beautiful book. Great photographs and scientific details make this book a great library addition for any owl lover.

Owl Wink

Owls in the Family

ISBN: 0440413613
Ages 9-12

Pets are important to a family. But what do you do if your pet is an owl and is causing trouble all over the neighborhood? Read this adventure about a young boy who raises two pet owls and find out.

Owl with Moon

Owl Moon

ISBN: 0399214577
All ages

This is a classic — great as a picture book, great as a read-a-loud, great as a teaching tool for science and for creative language skills, and great for adults who will appreciate the quality writing. Trek along with the author as she goes “owling” with her father for the first time.


There's an Owl in the Shower

ISBN: 0590065343
Ages 8-12

This is the story of a boy named Borden who rescues a spotted-owl. He did it accidently, thinking it was a barred owl. He considered spotted owls his biggest enemy since his father lost his job with a logging company due to the spotted owl being endangered. His family soon falls in love with the adorable creature — and then they discover what it is. A great read-a-loud for that owl unit or for the study of endangered animals.

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