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Robotics: Books

Robot Books

Robot (DK Eyewitness Books)

ISBN: 0756602548
Ages: 9-12

You won’t find a better way to start your off your study of robots than with this Eyewitness edition. Explore the world of robots, from their earliest creation to their current uses in modern science and technology.

Robot Paper

National Geographic Readers: Robots

ISBN: 1426313446
Ages: 6-9

This is a great book for the child who wants to learn more about robots. Photographs of scientists and robots busy at work help take you into the world of robots. Learn all about how they work and how they were created.


Awesome Robotics Projects for Kids

ISBN: 1641526769
Ages: 5-10

One of the most popular robotics books for young people, this volume takes readers on a step-by-step journey to building do-it-yourself robots. From the Jumping Frog Robot to the Four-Legged Walking Robot, these STEM projects will empower and engage anyone who loves to design, build and create.


Bots! Robotics Engineering with Hands-On Makerspace Activities

ISBN: 1619308304
Ages: 9-13

Young scientists can explore the roles robots play in our world and try out robotics projects that incorporate the design process. Included are discussions of the historical, cultural and ethical facets of robotics, as well as encouragement for kids to “think like a scientist” and create their own robots. This is an updated version of an earlier edition entitled Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future with 20 Projects.


Cool Robots

ISBN: 080508763X
Ages: 4-8

Build your own cool robots using Legos and create environments for them too. Pictures and instructions make the construction easy.

Robots at Your Service: From the Factory to Your Home


ISBN: 1476551138
Ages: 8-14

Find out all the great things that robots do in our world. What do they build, what do they repair, what do they package, and what do they do that you didn't even know about? Explore the robot world and learn about robots’ contributions in manufacturing, medicine, and science.

Artificial Intelligence: Thinking Machines and Smart Robots


ISBN: 1619306751
Ages: 10-14

Through hands-on activities and engaging content, readers discover the various uses of AI machines today and explore the possibilities for AI in the future. Included are 25 STEAM activities that encourage the development of skills such as looking for detailed evidence, comparing and contrasting, making deductions, and applying critical analysis.

Robot Cleaner

National Geographic Kids’ Everything Robotics

ISBN: 1426323317
Ages: 8-12

This book’s subtitle is quite accurate: “All the Photos, Facts and Fun To Make You Race for Robots.” This high-energy volume utilizes amazing visuals to show how robotics is all around us, from tiny robo-bees to vacuum cleaners to huge factory machines. This absorbing book will appeal to casual browsers and budding scientists alike.

A Robot World: Discover Amazing Robots and their Robotic Powers

Beanie Robot

ISBN: 1438050402
Ages: 8-11

Robots are everywhere – in homes, hospitals, schools, factories, under the ocean, inside volcanoes, and even in space. Full-color photos and clear text make this a highly engaging book, and additional resources are suggested to encourage further study. This volume will fascinate young people interested in robots and artificial intelligence.

Robot Soccer

Robotics (Cool Science)

ISBN: 0822521121
Ages: 9-12

An introduction to robotics presented in an appealing, colorful layout that will attract even reluctant readers. The author discusses the history of robots, their uses today, and their possibilities for tomorrow.

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