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Robotics: Teachers


Current Events in Robotic Science

People are robots too – almost. Or at least that's what NASA says. Check it out here.

Visit this site frequently to find out what is happening in current robotic science.

Visit LiveScience to find more current events in robotics.

ScienceKids is a list of fun kid – friendly robots and what they can do.

ScienceKids also has a fun Robotics lesson plan.


Lesson Plans, Legos and Dancing Robots

TryEngineering offers a list of lesson plans for teachers to help students apply engineering principles in many areas of invention and design, including robotics.

LEGO Mindstorms –There are plenty of lesson plans, ideas, books and other helps for teachers who want to use LEGO brand building materials for teaching about robots.

Fascinating “swarm behavior” of a group of Kilobots. May need explaining to the class before you show this video.

Watch Sony's QRIO robot dancing in a video.

Roll, Robot, Roll – see how science has helped robots to behave more like nature.

Check out StemWorks' extensive collection of classroom Robotics Activities, including this Underwater Robot.


Robots, Robots, Robots

View a large selection of robot related videos – very interesting.

Learn how robots participate in surgery at this web site.

NASA has a site devoted to robotics. Classroom competitions, summer camps for teachers, lesson plans, and activities are featured.

Learn more about Nanobotics at NanorobotDesign and SocietyforScience. Have your students try this balloon-powered nanorover.

Star Trek's replicators might not be too far away!! Find out more about the future of nanotechnology.

Robots and Beyond: Exploring Artificial Intelligence at MIT.

Robots and Kids

Lesson plans, background information, terms dictionary and science fair projects on lots of artificial intelligence and robotic topics. Scroll down past the advertising to get the best information.

You'll find many resources at this Robotics for Kids site.

This robot works with kids diagnosed with autism by helping them gain more social skills.

Find out about Honda's new robot, ASIMO here.

See what Popular Mechanics Magazine has to say about Pleo, the robot dinosaur.

Robotics for kids at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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