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Rocks and Minerals: Books


Geology Rocks! 50 Hands-On Activities to Explore the Earth

ISBN-10: 1885593295
Ages: 9-12

An introduction to geology with lots of hands-on activities and experiments that can be done with kitchen basics.

Rock Face

Geology Crafts For Kids: 50 Nifty Projects to Explore the Marvels of Planet Earth

ISBN-10: 0806981571
Ages: 9-12

Crafts and projects to help young geologists understand the earth.

Kid with binoculars

Looking at Rocks (My First Field Guides)

ISBN-10: 0448425165
Ages: 4-6

Early readers will learn about what makes the earth and how to enjoy rocks and minerals.

Cartoon eagle with magnifying glass perched on rock

If You Find a Rock

ISBN-10: 0152063544
Ages: 4-8

Enjoy the beauty of rocks and minerals through this photo picture book.


Rocks & Minerals (DK Eyewitness Books)

ISBN-10: 0756638224
Ages: 9-12

Eyewitness books are favorites of kids everywhere for their amazing details, fascinating facts and wonderful images. This book will help kids to learn lots more about rocks and minerals.

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