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Rocks and Minerals: Teachers

Rock Exhibit

Interactive Geology

Introductory geoscience activities for K-2 classrooms.

Find helpful worksheets and projects for your classroom at Earth Science Resources.

The United States Geological Survey has extensive resources for K-12 teachers. Divided by grade level, these include lesson plans, activities, and multimedia resources for your study of rocks and minerals, including a unit on Schoolyard Geology.

An engaging interactive on rock types and the rock cycle from Annenberg Learner.

The Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History has excellent earth science resources for grades 5-8.


Idaho Geology

The Idaho Geological Survey is “the special public service and research agency at the University of Idaho mandated by law to collect and disseminate geologic and mineral data for the state.” There are connections to Idaho maps and geology-related links.

Idaho Mining Association provides links to information about the mining industry, inside and outside of Idaho.

Atlas holds the earth

Geological Scales

The Geologic Time Scale (archived) from the U.S. Geological Survey is drawn to scale so you can compare the relative lengths of geologic time divisions.

This Geologic Timeline (archived) is geared toward kids, from the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

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