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Salmon: Guests

Adare Evans

Wildlife Educator, Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Adare Evans is a Wildlife Educator for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. You may have seen her at your school giving a program on Idaho wildlife. She runs the environmental education program Nose-to-Nose and writes and edits articles for Wildlife Express.

Adare's love of the outdoors developed while growing up in Idaho's Wood River Valley. She spent her winters skiing and her summers camping, fishing and playing in nature. Watching river otters in the Big Wood River was a favorite after-school activity.

Adare started her college education as a fisheries major, but soon learned she wanted to share her love of nature and wildlife with others. She earned her Bachelors of Science from the University of Idaho in Wildland Recreation Management and earned a teaching certificate from Northwest Nazarene University.

She lives in Boise with her husband and two children.

Jeff Heindel

Fish Hatcheries Supervisor, Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Jeff Heindel is a Fish Hatcheries Supervisor for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and works out of the Fisheries Bureau office in Boise, Idaho. The vast majority of Jeff's career with the agency has been involved in the care of Idaho's most endangered of salmon species: Snake River sockeye salmon.

Jeff's love of the outdoors developed while growing up in Southwest Idaho. He spent countless days as a youth fishing Idaho's many lakes, streams and reservoirs in pursuit of the critters he has committed his entire adult life to studying: fish!

Jeff graduated from Borah High School in 1985 and earned his Bachelor's of Science from Boise State University in 1995. Jeff lives in Middleton with his wife, three children, two dogs, one cat, one horse, two goats, and twenty-something chickens . . . oh, and an aquarium with 10 FISH!!

Jeff Heindel was also a guest scientist for this topic in 2010.

Past guests for this topic include: Brenda Beckley, Dave Cannamela, Ed Bowles.

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