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Salmon: Books

The Life Cycle of a Salmon

ISBN: 0778707059
Ages 4-8


A simple and well organized book explaining the five stages of salmon growth. Beautiful water photography and easy to understand text makes this book a wonderful addition to any science library or for the curious reader. This book looks into the lives of a variety of salmon species and outlines all aspects of their lives.

Discovering Salmon

swimming upstream

ISBN: 0941042057
Ages 9-12

The salmon as seen from habitats, life cycles, legends, and the challenges of their environment. A view of all aspects of this interesting and unique species.

Come Back, Salmon: How a Group of Dedicated Kids Adopted Pigeon Creek and Brought it Back to Life

ISBN: 0871564890
Ages 9-12


The true story of a group of children who made a difference. The fifth graders at Jackson Elementary School from Everett, Washington worked to clean up Pigeon Creek and make it a place where the salmon would return. Full color photographs chronicle the progress from the dirty, trash-filled creek the children originally found to the return of salmon ready to spawn. Here's proof that kids can make a difference.

Salmon Boy: A Legend of the Sechelt People
(Legends of the Sechelt Nation)

ISBN: 0889711662
Ages 4-8

Native art fish

The Sechelt band of First Nations peoples lives along the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. This is a legend written by a Sechelt member that teaches all about the life cycle of the salmon and the environmental impacts upon salmon.

Fish (Eyewitness Video)

ASIN: 075662827X
Ages 8-12

A video look at all varieties of the fish world. Learn more about how they live, eat, reproduce, and survive predators. Discover what science can learn from them and what they have found out. Find out about the strange creatures of the deep that swim upside down, male fish that give birth, and the dangerous and fascinating.



ISBN: 1575054825
Ages 8 and up

Share this book together to enjoy the wonderful full color pictures of salmon as you read about their anatomy and life cycle. The book is a must for learning the life and science of the unique salmon.

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