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Science of Lewis & Clark: Teachers

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The Lewis and Clark Expedition made important strides in the mapping of the interior of the United states. Mapping the West features maps and accounts of mapping on the Expedition, as well as lesson plans for teachers.

Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation is your link to maps of the expedition route, the expedition timeline, an expedition roster and more. Includes a Curriculum Guide.

Get online access to the Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Uncover more with a trip to Idaho Public Television's Lewis and Clark portal.

The National Park Service offers a guide to the Lewis and Clark Trail Today.

Lesson Plans!


The National Archives offers a lesson plan on Teaching With Documents: The Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Get lessons covering multiple topics and grade levels for teaching about Lewis and Clark and the Corp of Discovery's journey from The Missouri Historical Society.

The National Park Service offers classroom lesson plans, complete with maps, readings, images, and additional resources. Great place for lots of materials and ideas.

NOVA describes How a sextant works and How to navigate by sextant.

The Smithsonian has a lesson on The Trail today — have students look at towns along the Lewis and Clark Trail today and compare the towns in the years 1800, 1900, and 2000.

This 11-part Lewis and Clark in-depth tour for grades 3 and up includes descriptions, photos, and fun facts.

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