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Simple Machines: Books


Explore Simple Machines!: With 25 Great Projects
(Explore Your World series)

ISBN: 1936313820
Ages 7-9

Learn all about the 6 simple machines. Then enjoy activities to help you understand each of them better. Explore the simple machines and have fun too.

The LEGO Technic Idea Book: Simple Machines

Building Blocks

ISBN: 1593272774
Ages: 6 to adult

Enjoy playing with your Lego brand blocks while learning how the simple machines are incorporated into the things you build. Grow and discover together as a family. Great activities for all ages.


How Do You Lift a Lion?
(Wells of Knowledge Science Series)

ISBN: 0807534218
Ages 6-11

Cute illustrations and silly concepts bring home the idea of how simple machines make our lives easier. Explore how to lift a lion, pull a panda, and deliver a basket of bananas to a baboon party.

Well cross-section

Pull, Lift, and Lower: A Book About Pulleys
(Amazing Science: Simple Machines)

ISBN: 1404819088
Ages: 5 and up

Just one in a series of books by this author all dedicated to the simple machines.

Check out these additional titles by Michael Dahl:

Roll, Slope, and Slide: A Book About Ramps

ISBN: 1404819096

Scoop, Seesaw, and Raise: A Book About Levers

ISBN: 140481910X

Tires, Spokes, and Sprockets: A Book About Wheels and Axles

ISBN: 1404819118


Cut, Chop, and Stop: A Book About Wedges

ISBN: 140481907X

Twist, Dig, and Drill: A Book About Screws

ISBN: 1404813063

Mechanic oiling gears

Hands-on-Science: Get in Gear

ISBN: 1584761326
Ages: 6-up

Learn from Doc Sprocket as he takes you on a hands-on journey into the world of building with gears. Gears, motor, and additional parts included.

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