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Simple Machines: Teachers

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You might not be able to take your class on a field trip to the Museum of Science + Industry in Chicago, but you can visit the website for some help with your Simple Machines lessons.

Videos, quizzes, and puzzles related to Simple Machines here.

Explore Simple Machines at — click here.

Song for teaching Simple Machines here.

Gadget Anatomy activity from Boston's Museum of Science helps students identify the simple machines that are combined to make a working gadget. Find more ideas for exploring complex gadgets made of simple machines from ZOOM at PBS LearningMedia.

Here is a Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt lesson for your classroom. Teach Engineering has a simpler scavenger hunt worksheet with suggested answers.

Nuts and Bolts

Lesson Plan for teaching about Simple Machines — click here.

Hands- on activities from NASA for your Simple Machines unit. Click here.

At PBS Learning Media, K-2 teachers will find multi-media resources for teaching about simple machines in the primary grades. Each resource comes with support material, lesson plans, and/or worksheets.
Everyday Learning: Simple Machines
Let's Have Fun With Simple Machines
Go Outside and Play: Simple Machines
A Thing or 2 About Simple Machines
The Cat In the Hat: Pulling Together and complete Teacher's Guide

Take a look at these ideas for student-constructed simple machines.

Simple Machines teaching unit for grades K-4.

Lesson plans on how simple machines transfer force and respond to applied force from Utah Education Network. For middle school teachers, this UEN activity challenges students to build a working apparatus made of various simple machines.

This collection of engaging videos on Simple Machines are designed for intermediate students.

PowerPoints for your Simple Machines Unit

  • The 6 Simple Machines - click here
  • Work and Simple Machines — upper grades — click here

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