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Skin: Books


Your Skin Holds You In

ISBN: 1426306245
Ages: 5–8

All about the importance of our skin — how it works and what it can do to benefit our health. This early reader book includes fun pictures. Great facts about human skin and other animals' skin will keep you interested.


The Skin You Live In

ISBN: 0975958003
Ages: 4–8

A nursery rhyme type book about the different colors of skin found on the Earth. Great way to share the differences in all of our skin colors.

Face Mask

Skin: The Bare Facts

ISBN: 0980073251
Ages: 12 and up

This book will be of particular interest to girls in the preteen years. All about how to care for your skin, what is skin, skin care from common household materials, and more.


101 Questions About Skin That Got Under Your Skin . . . Until Now

ISBN: 0761312595
Ages: 10 and up

A serious look at skin for older kids. Everything from sunburn to cancer and pimples. Great scientific photographs help to unravel the mystery that is skin.

Close Up

Skin (Body Works)

ISBN: 1435898222
Ages: 7 and up

Skin is an important organ in the body. What better way to tell about this amazing body covering than with great images and highly motivating text. Just right for kids in the elementary grades.

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