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Skin: Teachers

Skin Basics for Teachers

Find a good overview on the structure and function of skin from the National Institutes of Health.


You may not be as familiar with the integumentary system, of which skin is a part, as you are with other body systems. Learn more about how the integumentary system works with the immune, digestive, circulatory and nervous systems in the human body. Check out this interactive on the anatomy of the integumentary system.

Each of the skin's three layers has an important but distinct function. Learn more about the role that each layer plays.

Find background on common skin conditions in this article from Live Science.

How Your Skin Works, from How Stuff Works, has lots of background information for teachers as you prepare to teach about skin. You may want to check out How Sweat Works, How Itches Work, or What is the Function of Skin?

Skin Resources


The American Academy of Dermatology has many resources to use with students. What Kids Should Know About Skin covers skin basics, skin growth, skin color, and skin injury, as well as student-friendly discussions of birthmarks, freckles, scars and more. The Skin Dictionary will be helpful to students and teachers alike. Teach Healthy Habits — For Kids invites students to explore 12 skin-related topics.

Your Skin from KidsHealth includes an animated video, worksheets and quiz, as well as further information for students on blisters, rashes, freckles and more.

You'll find additional skin facts to supplement your lessons from Science Kids.

National Geographic offers a resource on skin that includes great photographs.

Arizona State University's How Do We Sense Touch? explains how the skin interacts with the nervous system to enable the sense of touch.

Skin Lesson Plans

Feet and Legs

The American Academy of Dermatology has a collection of complete lesson plans for ages 8-10 and ages 11-13. These lessons cover a variety of topics on skin function and skin health, and include handouts and student activities.

KidsHealth provides skin lesson plans with activities and assessments for grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.

Integumentary System: All About Our Skin is a complete standards-aligned lesson plan addressing structure, function and pathologies of the skin.

From Science NetLinks, Skin As An Organ is a comprehensive lesson that encourages students to think of the skin as an organ system that interacts with other body systems. Further skin-related lessons for middle-schoolers can be found at The Skin Deep Project site.


In Skin: Caring for the Largest Organ for grades 4-7, students study about the skin and then engage in persuading their peers to safeguard skin health.

The Skin You're In is a lesson designed for pre-teens that focuses on acne, sun protection, and dermatitis.

Skin Protection lesson plans include Sun Safety from the U.S. Department of Health for grades K-2, Understanding Our Skin and How To Protect It from Scholastic for grades 3-5, and Skin Cancer from KidsHealth for grades 6-8.

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