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Sleep: Books

The Little Book of Bedtime

Kid sleeping with a book

ISBN: 8985174908
Ages 4-7

This book explains the benefits of sleep for young children. With fun, colorful pictures and clear text, children are introduced to a suggested routine for getting to sleep and the pitfalls which may keep them from getting enough sleep.

Rest to Recharge:
A Story About the Importance of Sleep

Student falling asleep at desk

ISBN: 194488291X
Ages 5-8

Gabe likes to stay up watching videos and playing electronic games instead of sleeping. As a result he is grouchy to his family, tired during school, and slow on the soccer field. In this contemporary book, Gabe learns why sleep is so necessary to heal and re-energize his mind and body. Also included are tips for parents and teachers to help kids unplug and get a good night's sleep.

How Animals Sleep (My First Discoveries)

Sleeping Sloth

ISBN: 1851034338
Ages 5-8

This beautifully illustrated book looks at where, when and how various animals sleep. Children will be fascinated by the amazing facts and full-color pictures that compare sleeping animals of the jungle, the oceans, the plains and the skies.

I Wonder Why I Sleep

Ribbon Question Mark

ISBN: 0753465566
Ages 5-8

Explore the many fascinating aspects of the human body. This book includes a wonderful section on sleep and sleepwalking.

The Science Behind Dreaming

Kid having a nightmare

ISBN: 8733037660
Ages 7-9

Mr. Dreamy presents a humorous, easy-to-understand introduction to REM sleep, dreams, and brain activity during sleep.

You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Sleep!

Alarm Clock Waking Child Up

ISBN: 0531224422
Ages 8-11

Did you ever wonder about sleep? Find out what science has discovered about our sleep cycles, dreams, other animals' sleep patterns, and much more.

Zzz ...: The Most Interesting Book You'll Ever Read about Sleep (Mysterious You)

Smiling Book

ISBN: 1550749447
Ages 9-14

Fun illustrations accompany a wonderful and accurate look at sleep for curious minds of all ages. From REM sleep to hibernation to body clocks to sleepwalking, sleep topics are addressed through a combination of factual information, try-it activities, amazing stories and humor.

All About Sleep From A to Zzzz

Man Snoring

ISBN: 0670061883
Ages 10-13

The science of sleep abounds with interesting facts and a lot of yet-unproven theories. Written by an award-winning science writer, this book discusses what scientists now know and what aspects of sleep are still a mystery. Short chapters address historical perspectives, circadian rhythms, sleep stages, dream patterns and brain activity. The engaging and informative text includes suggestions for further reading.

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