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Snakes: Books

Green Snake

Snakes: Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Animals in Nature (Our Amazing World Series)

ISBN: 1519103980
Ages: 6-9

This colorful book will appeal to children of all ages. Beautiful color photographs of snakes from many parts of the world and of many varieties will interest the budding snake charmer. Easy to read text shares important facts to learn about snakes of all kinds.

Smiling Turtle

Wild Reptiles: Snakes, Crocodiles, Lizards, and Turtles (Wild Kratts) (Step into Reading)

ISBN: 0553507753
Ages: 5-9

The Step into Reading series and the Kratt brothers visit snakes and other wild reptiles for you to read about and to learn about. The popular zoologist duo activate their Creature Powers to find out more about the fascinating animal world of reptiles.

Snake and Leaves

I Wonder Why Snakes Shed Their Skin

ISBN: 0753465310
Ages: 5-8

Have you ever wondered why snakes shed their skin, why they stare or which reptile is the largest on earth? This book is for you! This book answers all sorts of questions about reptiles of all kinds. Learn which ones lay eggs, why they have the habits that they do and how they survive. Great illustrations too!!


Amazing Snakes! (I Can Read Book 2)

ISBN: 0060544643
Ages: 4-8

An easy reader created in cooperation with the Wildlife Conservation Society. This book covers the life and habits of snakes appropriate to the skills of beginning readers while holding their attention with colorful photographs.

More Snakes

National Geographic Readers: Snakes!

ISBN: 1426304286
Ages: 4-8

National Geographic is a favorite of many, and this book on snakes is one kids will love. Filled with facts and photos that will captivate children and adults alike.

The Book of Snakes

ISBN: 075345937X
Ages: 4-8

Beautiful paintings and great details cover everything from how snakes move to what they eat, in a variety of species from all over the world. This book is one every library should have on hand.

Green Snake

The Snake Scientist (Scientists in the Field Series)

ISBN: 0618111190
Ages: 9-12

Take a look at the job of a herpetologist. Learn about how one scientist does his job by following his research on snakes as he takes measurements, performs experiments, and studies the lives of snakes in the wild. Great, up-close photographs will have you feeling as if you are part of the study too.

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