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Soil: Guests

Carla Rebernak

Soil Scientist, Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA)

Carla Rebernak is a Soil Scientist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service. She received her B.S. in Soil Science from The Pennsylvania State University and holds certifications for Professional Soil Scientist and Soil Classifier. She has worked in soil resource inventory and analysis for 15 years, mapping soils in Ohio, Maryland, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Rebernak is currently managing projects in the Caribou National Forest and Caribou County. Outside of work, she strives to take her two young boys on outdoor adventures of all kinds in the mountains and valleys of Eastern Idaho.

David Huber

PhD Candidate in Biology, Idaho State University

David is a PhD Candidate in Biology at Idaho State University. His research aims to couple the biological and physical properties of soil to improve understanding of the critical zone, which is the region from the bottom layer of soil to the upper most part of the vegetation, and is responsible for sustaining life here on Earth. Much of David’s work focuses on human-induced change, primarily through urbanization, altered land-use, and shifts in climate. His doctoral research examines how changing precipitation seasonality and shifts from native sagebrush to exotic grass species disrupt the natural function of soils in the Great Basin and Sagebrush Steppe.

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