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Soil: Books


SOIL! Get the Inside Scoop

ISBN: 0891188487
Ages: 8 and up

This book packs a lot of information into it. The pages are absolutely chock full of details pertinent to the understanding of soil. Great resource book for a classroom or one you might just want to hover over for a while. Great content, photographs, illustrations, and more. Kids and adults will love it.


Soil (True Books: Natural Resources)

ISBN: 0516293680
Ages: 6 and up

The perfect beginner book on soil for early learners. Great pictures and superior text go together to make this a science book they will love.


Wiggling Worms at Work (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2)

ISBN: 0064451992
Ages: 4-8

So what does a worm do, anyhow? Read and find out just how they move through soil, eat and produce nutrients for plants and other animals. Great description that is age appropriate and very science oriented. Nice illustrations that will help tell the story.

Happy Worm

Earthworms (Minibeasts)

ISBN: 0531148254
Ages: 7 and up

This book on earthworms tells all about this remarkable creature that provides for us in ways we might not really know. Read about the life of an earthworm. Great photographs of up close with nature, now to raise earthworms and care for them – everything you might want to know or find out about these dirt dwelling creatures.


Compost Critters

ISBN: 0525447636
Ages: 9 – up

Follow this author as she takes you on a personal tour of her compost pile. She share with you the creatures that help turn her refuse into soil. Amazing up close photographs and details about the transition of compost.


Examining Erosion (Searchlight Books: Do You Dig Earth Science?)

ISBN: 1467707902
Age: 8 and up

See how the earth changes and how it moves rocks and soil every day. Great photographs help to explain the complex process of erosion of earth's landscape.

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