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Soil: Books


Jump Into Science: Dirt

ISBN: 142632362X
Ages: 4—8

A star-nosed mole introduces young children to soil science in this engaging picture book, a favorite in many K-2 classrooms. The creative presentation is accompanied by fun illustrations and suggestions for further learning.


Wiggling Worms at Work

ISBN: 9780064451994
Ages: 4-8

So what does a worm do, anyhow? Read and find out just how they move through soil and produce nutrients for plants and other animals. The descriptive text is age appropriate and very science oriented, with nice illustrations that help tell the story. A “find-out-more” section with fun activities is also included.

Ground and Sky

Dirt: The Scoop on Soil

ISBN: 1404803319
Ages: 5—10

Young nature-lovers will enjoy discovering the components of soil, how soil comes to be, and how to keep soil healthy. In addition to the engaging text, there are hands-on experiments, a useful glossary, an index, and a section on “topsoil terrors” that emphasizes soil conservation.

Soil Layers

Under Your Feet: Soil, Sand, and Everything Underground

ISBN: 1465490957
Ages: 6—8

What is under the ground we walk on? There’s a whole world waiting to be discovered down there. Did you know that one handful of ordinary soil contains more organisms than there are people on earth? Written by soil scientists, this book introduces young children to soil-dwelling creatures big and small. It includes colorful illustrations, thought-provoking questions, and experiments for kids using ordinary backyard dirt.


Explore Soil! With 25 Great Projects

ISBN: 1619302950
Ages: 7—10

Activities such as analyzing soil composition, exploring soil runoff, and composting offer young readers the chance to learn about soil science while getting their hands dirty. The projects will appeal to their sense of wonder as they discover how vital soil is to our lives. Learning is enhanced by numerous sidebars with vocabulary words, fun soil trivia, riddles and essential questions.

Handful of soil

A Handful of Dirt

ISBN: 0802786987
Ages: 7—10

Is soil alive? The author takes readers down into the dirt as they are introduced to the microbes, insects, reptiles and mammals who live in and above the soil. Readers may never look at dirt the same way again! The author also includes basic instructions for setting up a home compost heap.

Muddy Max: The Mystery of Marsh Creek

Muddy Max

ISBN: 1449435610
Ages: 7—12

This graphic novel mixes soil science with an engaging story of a boy who discovers that mud gives him superpowers. The combination of mystery, science, humor, and strong family relationships will make this a favorite of middle-grade children.


You Wouldn’t Want To Live Without Soil!

ISBN: 1910706396
Ages: 8—11

What if we didn’t have any dirt or soil? The earth would be a very different place. Focusing on the human-soil relationship, this book shows how much we rely on soil to provide ecosystem services and the raw materials for making things. Readers will learn about the ways soil has been used by humans over the centuries and the possibilities for soil use in the future.

The Dirt on Dirt

Dirt Bike

ISBN: 1554531020
Ages: 8—12

Did you know that without dirt there would be no rain, or colorful sunsets? This book covers everything relating to dirt -- dirt hideouts, dirt bike racing, animal mud baths, and much more. The content includes stories and legends about dirt as well as 11 suggested activities with dirt. Young readers will find this book fascinating.


Soil! Get the Inside Scoop

ISBN: 0891188487
Ages: 8—12

This book packs a lot of information into its 36 pages. Each section is full of details pertinent to the understanding of soil and its importance to the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the houses we live in, and more. Along the way, readers also meet the scientists who work with soil every day. Great resource book from the Soil Science Society of America, with exceptional content, photographs, illustrations, and more. Both kids and adults will love it.

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