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Soil: Teachers


Soil Videos

The Ingredients for Soil - a video excerpt from NOVA, including lesson plan, student activity, background information and teaching tips.

Another great video from PBS about the layers of soil.

Soils Around the World video from WGBH.

The Smithsonian Institute has a great site about soil. Includes lesson and activities for you to use in your class.

Soil Square

Soil Worksheets and More

Worksheet about creatures living in the soil.

"What's Living In My Soil?" is a complete unit plan on soil biological communities for grades 4-6.

Animal burrows' illustrations for you to use on your interactive whiteboard – from Houghton Mifflin Education.


Soil Resources

Visit to learn more and watch a video about soil.

Head to Dr. Dirt for teacher resources on soil and water.

Sammy Soil downloadable coloring book.

Soil4Teachers website was written just for you. Here's a whole site full of lessons and activities for your soil studies.


Soil Experiments

Dirt: Secrets in the Soil is an interactive unit of activities for 4th grade that can easily be adapted to other grade levels.

Celebrate soils in your classroom with these six hands-on investigations developed in connection with World Soil Day.

Check out this really helpful soil worksheet.

Need some soil experiments? Here are some great ones for your class.


Soil Fun

What makes the best soil for growing? Find a great recipe at

Sing songs about dirt, make dirt pudding, make soil trading cards, and more at

Underground Adventure - take a virtual tour of the soils exhibit at the Field Museum of Chicago.

Here is a fruit tree soil website from Washington State University that includes information on soil biota and ecosystem services.

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