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Sound: The Science of Sound

Sound: Without Sound

Sound: Pistol Shrimp are really loud!

Sound: I Can Hear Better Than You Can

Sound: Do You Hear It?

Sound: How Fast is Sound?

  • The Science of Sound
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  • Without Sound
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  • Pistol Shrimp are really loud!
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  • I Can Hear Better Than You Can
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  • Do You Hear It?
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  • How Fast is Sound?
Sound ['saund]
Vibrations that can be heard when they reach the ear of a person or animal.

Sound is a kind of energy created when something vibrates. When this vibration reaches an ear, it is translated into what we recognize as a sound. Sound waves travel through matter, such as air, water or even furniture, until their energy runs out and the molecules stop moving. We hear different pitches, such as the notes from a musical instrument, because sound waves vibrate at different frequencies.

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