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Sports Physiology: Books


A is for Amazing Moments: A Sports Alphabet

ISBN: 9781585363605
Ages: 4-8

A wonderful alphabet book that illustrates many aspects of the world of sports. Check out these amazing moments and see how amazing athletes can truly be.

Girl on Bike

Experiments With Sports

ISBN: 051627807X
Ages: 9-12

Take a look at you and the sports you love. Find out how to improve your running, throwing, determine your center of gravity and much more. This book will help you to love your favorite sport even more.


Food As Fuel: Nutrition for Athletes (Mission: Nutrition)

ISBN: 161783081X
Ages: 9-12

Find out how to make a healthy diet part of your goals to improve your game. Food is what fuels the body and you will want to fuel yours so that you are at your best for whatever sport you are playing.

Jumping Rope

I'm Walking, I'm Running, I'm Jumping, I'm Hopping

ISBN: 0970450419
Ages: 4-8

Time to get up, get out and get active. Get those muscles moving and do it to rhyme. Kids just won't be able to resist the fun this book will put into their movement.

Whispered Secret

Sport Science Secrets: From Myth to Facts

ISBN: 1552126382
Ages: Adult

A wonderful look at the science behind sports. Great for parents and coaches.


Sports Science

ISBN: 140271520X
Ages: 4-8

Twenty six interesting activities for kids to do at home with equipment they can easily find that will help them to investigate the scientific principles behind their favorite sports. The activities include illustrations and complete instructions for each of the science projects.

Tennis Racket

Sports Technology (Cool Science)

ISBN: 1580138136
Ages: 9-12

Everything young athletes need to know in order to play safely, play better, and have more fun. A great gift for the beginner or for the improving athlete.

Baseball Game

Baseball: How it Works

ISBN: 1429648724
Young Adult

This book is from a wonderful series of Sports Illustrated books intended to illustrate the physics behind a variety of sports. This one deals with baseball, but in this series you will find versions for basketball, soccer, football, hockey, and skateboarding too. Learn the science of sport, complete with beautiful colored photographs that help illustrate the concepts.

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