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Sun: Books

Solar flare and CME
Image courtesy NASA-SDO

The Sun

ISBN: 0062345052
Ages 6-11

Children will be fascinated by the amazing photographs and diagrams (many from NASA) and descriptions of the Sun's activity, from the continuous nuclear explosions at its core to the violent gases on its surface. An updated edition by a longtime science educator.

Amazing Pictures and Facts About the Sun

ISBN: 1534974067
Ages 5-8

How big, how hot, how far away? Curious junior astronomers will explore the wonders of the Sun with this fascinating book.

Solar eclipse illustration

When the Sun Goes Dark

ISBN: 1681400111
Ages 9-12

Written by astronomers/educators, this beautifully illustrated book introduces children and adults to the science behind solar eclipses, and provides hands-on activities for understanding eclipse questions.

Four seasons

The Reasons for Seasons

ISBN: 0823412389
Ages 5-8

Brightly colored pictures and clear, concise text explain how the position of the Earth in relation to the Sun cause the seasons, solstices, and equinoxes.

Day and Night

What Makes Day and Night
(Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2)

ISBN: 0062381970
Ages 4-8

This classic book on the Earth's rotation has been updated and revised with simple diagrams, a guided experiment using a lamp as the sun, and a helpful "find out more" section.

Explore More: Fun Learning Facts About the Sun

ISBN: 150563248X
Ages 5-9

Learn about sunspots, solar wind, fusion in the Sun's core, the eventual death of the Sun, and more. One in the Explore More space series.

The Sun Is Always Shining Somewhere

ISBN: 0516049062
Ages 6 and up

This book explores our Sun in the context of other stars, and the movement of the Earth in relation to the Sun.

National Geographic's Little Kids First Big Book of Space

ISBN: 1426310145
Ages 4-8

Learn about the Sun, the solar system, and space exploration with colorful illustrations, fun facts, and simple text. Excellent for reading aloud and for beginning readers.

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