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Teeth: Teachers


Tooth Anatomy for educators includes facts, glossary, tooth crafts and jokes, and printable worksheets.

The American Dental Association has some terrific resources for educators that you'll want to check out. These include presentations, a full instructional unit, hands-on demonstrations, and worksheets.

The NIH has a Curriculum Supplement for Elementary School called Open Wide and Trek Inside! that focuses on the science of the oral environment, and major scientific concepts relating to oral health.

How are teeth and diet related? Explore these lesson plans!

The Washington Department of Health offers “Tooth Tutor,” a simplified oral health curriculum for grades K-12. Includes background information for teachers and classroom activities organized by grade.

Learn about the structure and function of teeth on this site. Includes vocabulary and experiments for students. Appropriate for grades 4-8.

Take a look at these K-5 oral health lesson plans from Scholastic.

The Smile Smarts Dental Health Curriculum from the ADA is divided into units for grades K-8.

This "eggsperiment" helps students understand why brushing is so important.

Learn about teeth with these engaging Magic School Bus interactives.

Check out these oral health materials for teachers, with engaging comic books, videos, songs, and teacher program guides.

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