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The Television (Tales of Invention)

ISBN: 1432948903
Ages 8-10

Visit the history behind the invention of the TV. Learn about the struggles and the successes all along the way as the many people who impacted the development of television are the subject of this book filled with pictures in color and black and white.

Flat Screen

Philo Farnsworth and the Invention of Television (Robbie Readers)

ISBN: 1584153032
Ages 6 and up

This is a great biography of Philo T Farnsworth complete with photographs. This tells the story of how Philo came to create the television.


The Television: Window to the World (Technology That Changed the World)

ISBN: 0823964930
Ages 8 and up

See how the invention of the television changed the world. Learn the history and the technology behind how the television works to bring programs to your home.


What Happens at a TV Station? (Where People Work)

ISBN: 143390134X
Ages: 5 and up

Visit a television station with Weekly Reader's friend Buddy as he watches the taping of a talent show and learns how a crew puts a TV show together. Find the bilingual edition too. ISBN: 1433901420

Invisible Universe: The Electromagnetic Spectrum from Radio Waves to Gamma Rays

ISBN: 0924886692
Ages 11 and up

This is the book for parents and teachers to give kids hand-on experience with the electromagnetic spectrum though experiments and activities. Learn about the various waves with the help of NASA.

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