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Volcanoes: Volcanoes!

Volcanoes: What Does A Volcano Sound Like?

Volcanoes: How Explosive?

Volcanoes: Where Volcanoes Happen

Volcanoes: Alive, Dead or Something In-between

Volcanoes: What Makes A Volcano Different?

  • Volcanoes!
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  • What Does A Volcano Sound Like?
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  • How Explosive?
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  • Where Volcanoes Happen
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  • Alive, Dead or Something In-between
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  • What Makes A Volcano Different?
Volcanoes ['väl-'kā-nō-z]
An opening in the surface of the earth through which lava, gases and ash are forced out to form a mountain when cooled.

A volcano can be described as part of the earth's plumbing system. Magma, or molten rock from under the earth, pushes upward through a sort of natural pipe and sometimes explodes lava out of the ground. Volcanoes created many of Idaho's mountains and plains. Scientists study volcanoes to learn more about the earth and to protect the millions of people who live near these fascinating geological features.

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