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Volcanoes: Books


DK Eye Wonder: Volcanoes

ISBN: 1465409092
Ages 5 - 8

Beautiful photographs, illustrations, maps and drawings will enable early readers to grasp volcanoes and develop a scientific appreciation for their power and their role on our dynamic earth. This book contains all of the science and a complete glossary of terms to help young scientists understand volcanoes.



ISBN: 1426315805
Ages 5 - 8

National Geographic has always been the go-to for scientific and historic information. No small wonder then, that this book will be a hit. Easy reading level for young readers, fantastic information and pictures are the highlights of this book on volcanoes.



ISBN: 0060877170
Ages 6 - 10

Seymour Simon is one of our favorite science authors for students in the elementary years. This one is no exception. Volcanoes is filled with stunning color photographs and detailed science for all ages.


The Magic School Bus Voyage to the Volcano

ISBN: 0439429358
Ages 4 - 8

Magic School Bus is a great way to take kids on a journey into a volcano. Mrs. Frizzle is the teacher of all teachers and she will wow your young scientist with facts about volcanoes. While this book is intended for young readers, the text level will be appropriate for anyone who has developed early reading skills or who loves to listen to a read aloud.


Scholastic Discover More Reader Level 3: Volcanoes

ISBN: 0545533783
Ages 6 - 8

Scholastic Books takes you right up to the volcano where you will see how scientists learn more about these active geologic features of our earth. Amazing photographs of lava flows and clouds of ash and gases are just some of the amazing details of this book.


Planet Earth/Inside Out

ISBN: 0688158498
Ages 4 - 8

In order to understand the science behind a volcano, one must understand the inside workings of the earth. This book will help you to understand what happens deep inside the earth. Wonderful illustrations and simple text describe the beginnings of the earth, tell all about plate tectonics and Pangaea, and explain the various layers below the crust. A must for your science book collection.

St Helens
U.S. Geological Survey/photo by Mike Doukas

Volcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Helens Paperback

ISBN: 0689716796
Ages 7 - 10

Mount St. Helen's eruption in May of 1980 was a major event in modern day United States history. It impacted many, many people and their lives. Read all about the events that led up to the eruption and the changes that have taken place on the mountain since that day.


Bodies from the Ash: Life and Death in Ancient Pompeii

ISBN: 1328740838
Ages 9 - 12

While the destruction of the city of Pompeii in 79 AD by the volcano Mt. Vesuvius was devastating historically, it is also intriguing because of the evidence that was left behind about the residents' daily lives. Parental discretion is advised for the photographic content that shows skeletal remains and castings made in the volcanic debris. Adults and older children will be fascinated by the historic and scientific content.


Be a Volcanologist

ISBN: 0836889371
Ages 8 and up

Learn about the life of a volcano scientist. See what they measure, what they consider to be important in their study and see if that career might be your future. You get to be a volcanologist at the same time that you are reading the text and enjoying the photographs and illustrations that make it seem so real.


DK Eyewitness Books: Volcano & Earthquake

ISBN: 1465426183
Ages 8 - 12

DK books are never disappointing. They seem to contain so many facts, pictures, details, drawings, maps and more that you can read them over and over. Kids love to browse through them just for the pictures, while older audiences love to read up on the science of it all. This is one you will visit and revisit for years to come.

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