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Water: Guests

Dr. Sarah Godsey

Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences, Idaho State University

Dr. Godsey teaches about spatial patterns in the environment, earth systems science, and watershed hydrology in Idaho and beyond. Her research involves watershed hydrology in both the Arctic and mountain regions, where she looks at how sensitive water storage, flows, timing and quality are to both natural and man-made perturbations.

Dr. Godsey has research projects on water in Alaska, Idaho's Frank Church Wilderness, and Pocatello, among other places. She combines modeling with field observations to better understand the world around us, and is particularly interested in interdisciplinary approaches to difficult problems.

Dr. Jan Boll

Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, University of Idaho

Dr. Jan Boll, Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, joined the University of Idaho in 1996 after earning his Ph.D. in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Cornell University. Dr. Boll teaches hydrology, environmental water quality, hydrologic processes and modeling, and irrigation systems and water management. A strong emphasis in Professor Boll's research is the transport of water, sediment, nutrients and pathogens in overland flow (from source to stream to oceans). He develops and uses Geographic Information System-based distributed models to translate what he observes in the field and laboratory to computer tools for watershed assessment.

Professor Boll is also Director of the Waters of the West Program, an interdisciplinary program at the University of Idaho. This program draws faculty from six colleges at the University of Idaho, and its development is funded by the University of Idaho Strategic Initiatives Waters of the West Program, which Professor Boll leads. Part of Waters of the West is a program to teach students about the importance of water and ways to secure the future use of this precious resource.

Past guests for this topic include: Julie Scanlin and Mary Cahoon.

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