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Water: Teachers


Water Lesson Plans

Water lesson plan about hydration from PBS.

Check out these water videos from PBS.

Teachers: head here for everything water. Lessons, facts, diagrams, charts, maps, activities – this will be your “water resource.”

The American Museum of Natural History has a great water site to use with your students that includes content, hands-on activities, and games. Help your students learn more about virtual water use - water they didn't know they were using.


Fun Water Activities

Take a look at these interactive water cycle activities for grades K-3 (EPA) and 3-5 (Scholastic).

Interactives, games, puzzles, lessons, printable graphic lesson materials, and more – divided by age groups here.

The Incredible, Edible Aquifer – build an aquifer with your class, then eat it.

Water – Visit this site for a great text on water. You may want to put it up on your interactive whiteboard to read together in your class or study it for yourself to get more comfortable with this topic.


Idaho Water Resources

    From the Department of Environmental Quality:
  • Lesson plan about pollution and a Healthy Environment: Like Oil and Water.

  • The Rain Takes Pollution Mainly Down the Drain.

  • Where's Your Watershed lesson plan.

  • Discover Water is an interactive learning site for teacher and students from Project Wet.

    Water Cycle Diagram for early grades here .

    Water Cycle Diagram for upper grades here.

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