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Wildfires: Books

drawing of forest fire


ISBN: 0062345060
Ages: 7-10 years

Full-page color photographs and clear text written by a veteran science writer reveal the destructive power of wildfire, as well as its place in renewing the ecosystem. Of particular interest is the focus on the fires that burned in Yellowstone in 1988.

Fire: Friend or Foe

ISBN: 0395730813
Ages: 9-12 years

With an inviting format and amazing photographs, this book describes scientists' growing knowledge of the power of wildfire. As scientific understanding of naturally occurring fire has progressed, humans have become more skilled at living with, utilizing, and controlling fire.

Buffalo graze in a previously burned forest.

The Charcoal Forest: How Fire Helps Animals and Plants

ISBN: 0878425322
Ages: 4-8 years

This book explores the new habitat created by fire and describes twenty plant and animal species of the Northern Rocky Mountains that thrive in the aftermath of wildfire. Fascinating discussion of how nature recovers from devastating events.


ISBN: 0618509003
Ages: 6 and up

A comprehensive look at the causes and effects of wildfires, the techniques used to control them, the history of wildland firefighting, and the role of fire in forest health. Detailed paintings illustrate the concepts.

drawing of wildfire flames and pine trees

National Geographic Readers: Wildfires

Ages: 6-8 years

A colorful book for primary grade readers on the causes, dangers, and importance of wildfires.

A bear

The Fire that Saved the Forest

ISBN: 1570984212
Ages: 4-8 years

Bernie the Bear learns about the dangers and benefits of wildfire in this discussion of fire ecology for younger readers.


ISBN: 0761323242
Ages: 8 and up

A discussion of firefighters who parachute from planes, including those from the McCall Smokejumper Base in Idaho, and their intense training and study of fire science.

drawing of a wildfire

Fire in the Forest: A Cycle of Growth and Renewal

ISBN: 068980394X
Ages: 8 and up

This middle-grade book explains how fire is a part of the natural cycles and stages of life, death, and rebirth in the forest.

The Great Yellowstone Fire

ISBN: 0316905224
Ages: 8 and up

Full-color photos enhance this overview of the 1998 Yellowstone fire, the evolving science of firefighting, and the impact of weather conditions and topography on fire behavior.

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