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Wildlife Management: Teachers

Wildlife Learning Links


Photo gallery from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Nature Works is a 16-part natural science series for grades 3-6 with teacher guides, activities, quizzes. Be sure to check out episodes on Niche and Habitat too!

Animals all over the world are in danger of extinction. Study this list to learn about endangered animals and efforts to save them.

Watch a slide show about Endangered Species.

National Geographic Links and More!


Exploring Ecosystems - a media-rich lesson plan from PBS Learning Media.

Lessons from the PBS's series, The Living Edens: “The Wolf and the Moose”. Through role playing and research, students will learn about predation in the Alaskan wilderness.

The National Wildlife Federation has a wonderful resource page for teachers, complete with lesson plans on wildlife, habitats, and ecosystems for grades K-12.

The National Park Service offers Teacher Resources on a whole slew of science-based topics.

Fish and Game Education


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Educators' Page with website resources for environmental education. Also, check out the FWS Conservation Kids page with games, quizzes, and projects.

Idaho Fish and Game manages all wildlife in the state. Check out these classroom activities from the agency:

  • It's your Niche — Students will be able to define habitat and niche and create business cards for particular animals.
  • Web of Life — Students will be able to analyze how organisms are linked to one another in an ecosystem.
  • Lessons from the Plateau — Students will decide what caused a deer population to “explode” and then “crash.”

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