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Wolves: Books


National Geographic Readers: Wolves

ISBN: 1426309139
Ages 5-8

When we think of learning about the world, we always look to National Geographic as a go-to resource. This book on wolves will not be a disappointment. Beautiful pictures, comparing wolves to other animals in their family, and kid-friendly text make this a marvelous book for your early reader or the wolf lover in your family.



ISBN: 0061626570
Ages 4-8

Take a closer look at wolves and enjoy the beautiful photographs in this Smithsonian treasure. This book helps us to see the beauty in these animals.


Face to Face with Wolves (Face to Face with Animals)

ISBN: 1426306989
Ages 7-10

The author takes you on a journey to learn about wolves up close as he visits wolves and photographs them in the wild. From gray wolves, to red wolves, to packs and pups — it's all here. You will love this book, no matter what your age.

Wolf and House

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

ISBN: 068981528X
Ages 7-10

Wolves always get the bad end of fairy tale roles . . . except in this great story that gives a new twist on the traditional version. Fun story to use as a read aloud.

Wolf in Clothes

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

ISBN: 0140544518
Ages 5-8

Here is another chance for wolves to break the stereotype that has been given to them in fairy tales. It turns out, the wolf was misunderstood when it came to The Three Little Pigs. Find out how in this fun and entertaining look at the poor wolf and his version of the story.

Wolf Running

Wild Wolves

Ages: 8-18

This issue of the Wildlife Express Newsletter focuses on the Gray Wolf, its history in Idaho, how the species is being managed, some basic wolf facts, and a Wolf Word Search.

Each month during the school year, the Wildlife Express Newsletter features an Idaho wildlife species and articles related to science and ecological concepts. The articles are written in an educational and entertaining fashion that get students excited to read and learn about wildlife and their environments. Visit the Idaho Fish and Game Wildlife Express website for current and back issues.

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