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Explore your universe in a new way with Science Trek’s Immersive Videos!

Tips for Viewing

  • The best way to watch on a VR headset.
  • If you watch these videos on your mobile device, just click to play the video. Be sure to move your device up and down, left and right, even behind you. You can get an even more immersive experience by using your smartphone virtual reality headset like Google Cardboard. Just follow the instructions on your specific device. Be sure to have the most up-to-date version of the YouTube app on your smartphone or tablet!
  • If you are watching from your computer, use your mouse to drag the screen around or the keys on your keyboard (W: up; A: left; S: down; D: right) to see what’s happening. 
  • If the video isn’t playing 360°, try accessing directly in YouTube

Teacher Guide for Science Trek 360° support material pdf is located at the top of this page.