Where can I see Science Trek?

You can watch the latest episodes of Science Trek lot of different places. Check out the subject’s topic page for all the videos. You can also see them on YouTube, on Facebook, on IdahoPTV’s video on demand service, on PBS Learning Media and on all of Idaho Public Television’s broadcast channels.

How do you pick topics for the shows?

The show's producer, Joan Cartan-Hansen, meets with educators and science experts to develop each season's topics. We also love to hear from students and teachers about show topics. Do you have a suggestion? Send it in.

What ever happened to D4K?

We decided to change the name of our series from D4K, or Dialogue for Kids, to Science Trek to give our viewers a better understanding of our goal: to introduce science topics to elementary-age schoolchildren; to provide educational materials for teachers and parents; and to inspire students to investigate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career potentials.

If you view videos produced before September 2013, you may see the D4K or Dialogue for Kids logo. Don't worry. It is all part of Science Trek. If you have any questions or comments, send us an email.

What happened to the prize winners?

From 2004-2005 to 2015-2016, we awarded a prize box to one classroom for each show. 

Idaho Public Television and the Science Trek staff are committed to providing quality resources for educators, parents, and students with the goal of inspiring students' interest in the world of science.

I sent in a question asking for a response and didn't hear anything. What happened?

Sorry, We cannot always answer specific questions. I try to respond when I can, but it can take time. Instead, if you have a specific question you need answered, check out the facts and, if the subject has it, the top ten questions links on each main topic page.

When is Science Trek on Idaho Public Television?

Check the schedule.

Who pays for Science Trek?

The Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation and the Idaho National Laboratory are our program's sponsors. We really appreciate their support!

We also get additional funding from Sparklight. We really appreciate their support!

Can I still see the old D4K videos?

Most D4K videos can be seen on each topic's main page. There are a few older shows we did not re-encode for the new player because there are more recent shows. Look for the "Videos" link on the specific topic page to find available shows, shorts and web extras.