Educator Resources

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In addition to the featured videos, Science Trek offers a wealth of materials specifically for teachers. Each topic site includes a number of tabs with a wealth of information. Click on the “Educators” tab in each individual topic site. For each science topic, you’ll find essential background for teachers, suggested lesson plans, ideas for classroom activities, resources from PBS LearningMedia, alignment with standards, and links to interactives and tools suitable for whole-class and small-group instruction. 

The information under the “Facts” tab provides student-friendly content for each topic to supplement the videos. You may also want to direct individual students to the “Links” and “Games” tabs to expand learning beyond our site. Under the “Books” tab, you’ll find suggestions for your classroom library or for books to recommend to students. 

If you want watch our 360º immersive videos , explore the options there and find our more about how to use 360º immersive videos in your classroom. 

We want you, the teacher, to be able to use Science Trek to enrich your classroom instruction and to inspire your students to love science. If you have ideas or suggestions to make our videos and/or website better, please send me an email


View supplementary teaching materials including PDF downloads and Grade Level Standards for each topic.