Bird Migration

Teacher Resources

Bird Migration Lesson Plans

In Migration Challenge, a lesson plan for grades 1-4, students role-play migrating birds in three engaging games.

Share with students more about the how, when, why, and where of bird migration.

Another bird migration lesson plan — this one from the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology has a great guide for teaching about birds, complete with background information and lessons to guide you through a study of bird migration.

Migration patterns are no accident. How do weather, seasonal changes, migration timing, and food cycles all work together? From PBS Learning Media, a lesson plan about the timing of migration, focusing on the perfect alignment of the redknot shorebird's migration and the hermit crab's egg-laying.

Bird Migration Activities

This site from Migration Science and Mystery gives you many lesson plans on bird migration.

Environment for the Americas has lesson plans, hands-on activities, coloring pages, migration cycle wheels, and a Bird Migration game to teach your class about the hazards of migration.

Learn More about Bird Migration

Take a look at some amazing occurrence range maps of different migratory birds. Animated abundance shows a heat map of birds in different seasons giving some great perspective and data on bird migration.

Learn more about International Migratory Bird Day.

Watch Know Learn has 15 migration videos related to a variety of species. Find some that work for your unit.

KQED's QUEST offers The Great Migration — a program about flyways and bird migration.