Teacher Resources

Gravity Video

Head to PBS Learning Media for a great QuickTime video and some background information on centripetal force, courtesy of the PBSKids program ZOOM. Check out these demonstrations and experiments for your classroom.

If you are a bit fuzzy on Newton's and Einstein's theories of gravity, this short video from NOVA explains it clearly.

Gravity Lesson Plans!

Science Buddies has a great lesson plan for understanding gravity, similar to the experiment that Galileo did from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Watch Galileo's classic experiment re-enacted in this BBC video.

Bright Hub Education offers a lesson plan titled, "An Experiment on the Center of Gravity." Kids can compete against adults and win at these activities. Fun activity for your class.

Check out this lesson on the forces of gravity from Utah Educational Network.

Check out this terrific site from the Minnesota Science Teachers Education Project. A collection of hands-on activities and experiments for grades K-12.

PowerPoints on Gravity

Need a PowerPoint on gravity? Take a look at these great teaching resources.

Birds and Gravity

Teachers will want to check out Earthlife for detailed illustrations and information on how birds fly.

How Birds Fly: An In-Depth Journey North Lesson explores the adaptations that allow birds to minimize the effects of gravity.

Balloons Balloons Balloons!

Hot air balloons are fascinating to kids. This lesson plan from the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum lets students build their own hot air balloon as they model lighter than air flight.