Teacher Resources

PBS Learning Media offers Meet My Muscles lesson plans where students engage with their Upper Body Muscles and Lower Body Muscles.

Take a look at this excellent overview of the Muscular System with its interactive Anatomy Explorer for in-depth learning.

If you are a member of, here are some great activities for your muscles lessons.

Take a look at these muscle drawings by Da Vinci.

Your Muscles — Lots of great information.

Why Exercise is Cool.

A Muscle Movie.

Simple muscle stretches for children are a helpful way to relieve tension and can be easily incorporated into the school day.

Great diagram of the three types of muscle tissue.

KidsBiology has everything for you about Muscles. Teachers - put this up on your SmartBoard for a great way to teach about muscles.

Scholastic has a slide show and quiz about the muscular system.

Can you make a muscle? Great science experiment for your class.

Help your students make models of how muscles work:

Great muscles worksheets.

The Muscles Song — we all learn better through music.