Teacher Resources

Amazing Space

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center has a Teachers' Corner; its "Imagine the Universe" site has news and resources.

Amazing Space — astronomy basics and photos from Hubble.

Get some more background information on the Milky Way.

Ask an Astronomer

Learn more about galaxies and other space-related topics.

Check out galaxies on the NASA website.

The Lives of Stars — from PBS.

Lesson Plans and Activities

National Geographic — Galaxies.

Find teacher resources on Black Holes from Hubble

Classifying galaxies — an interactive lesson for the Hubble.

Great Galaxy Images and Links

Find out more about galaxy classifications.

GALEX Educational Activities for Kids has some projects and activities for your classroom.

The Hubble gallery — look at all the amazing images and information on the building blocks of the universe.

SkyTellers has content, links and activities for elementary and middle school students on its Galaxies and Stars pages.

Helpful PowerPoints

Galaxy Learning and Fun

Compare the size of our sun with others in the universe.

More Hubble information and pictures at

Here's a galaxy art project from NASA.

For K-3 teachers, these Ready Jet Go! programs from PBS offer engaging lessons about the Milky Way galaxy, black holes, stars, and constellations.