Teacher Resources

Skeleton Resources

PowerPoints on the Skeletal System.

Cool diagram for your interactive whiteboard. A complete human skeleton with hovering points to name the bones of the body.

Kids' Health: Bones, Muscles and Joints provides teachers' guides with student activities, readings, videos, discussion questions, printables and quizzes. Take a look at the teachers' guide for grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.

Skeleton Activities

Hillendale Health has a comprehensive site to complement your studies of the skeletal system.

Build a Paper Plate Skeleton.

Label a skeleton online. Then challenge students to assemble a skeleton from scattered bones.

Explore the importance of calcium in bone health with Rubber Bones.

There are many online activities than allow students to practice independently with the names and functions of the bones of the body. This match game is a favorite with students and it continuously shuffles vocabulary to make each game new.

Skeleton Basics

Get an introduction to vertebrates from the University of California's Museum of Paleontology.

From bone composition to bone growth, from bone shapes to bone fractures, this excellent overview of the human skeletal system covers all you need to know for your teaching unit.

Compare human and animal skeletons with e-skeletons from the University of Texas.

Skeleton Lesson Plans

Where would we be without our bones? Check out this Vertebrate vs. Invertebrate lesson plan where students create a model of a strong, flexible backbone. Help students further understand how "spineless" animals survive with this lesson on invertebrates.

Check out Busy Bones from Arizona State University and the Arizona Science Museum. Within this terrific resource, you'll find lots of interactives, hands-on activities, classroom experiments, and worksheets. Students will be fascinated by the interactive Skeleton Anatomy Viewer and the Bone Anatomy Viewer.

The Utah Education Network offers complete lesson plans for middle-elementary students on the Skeletal System, Bones In Your Body, and Nutrition and Bones.