Teacher Resources

World and Local Rivers

National Geographic has a great site about rivers that you should visit.

The United States Geological Survey has good information and comparison charts on Earth's rivers and streams.

Idaho State University's Water Resources Research Institute has a site that explains the importance the the Snake River's Tributary Basins.

River Teaching Resources

Check out these BBC Learner Guides on the Water Cycle and River Landforms.

Howstuffworks has a great article on floods that you will want to check out.

Advanced notes on the geography and geology of rivers.

The U.S. Geological Survey offers a number of water-related data sets about Idaho water, including this interactive map of river streamflows.

Water Cycle Websites

Great activities to teach about the water cycle.

Free River worksheets to download and use with your class for your rivers lessons at 3D Geography.

NOAA has great resources on the Water Cycle, including an engaging lesson plan with student handouts and 3-D paper craft.

Worksheets and Lessons

EdHelper has worksheets and lessons of all kinds and grade levels on rivers. Take a look.