Rabbits! (A My Incredible World book)

By Hope Aicher
CreateSpace, 2018
ISBN: 1718730454
Ages 4-7

Part of the My Incredible World series of picture books, this volume for young children contains full-color photos and fun facts about rabbits.

Desert Hare or Arctic Hare

By Eric Geron
Children’s Press, 2022
ISBN: 1338799460
Ages 5-7

Desert hares and Arctic hares are both types of hares, but they are very different! Discover the adaptations that allow each type of hare to survive and thrive in its environment

Everything You Should Know About Rabbits

By Anne Richards
CreateSpace, 2017
ISBN: 1974156281
Ages 5-8

How do rabbits communicate? What is special about their hind legs? Why do they twitch their noses? Young children who are curious about rabbits will all kinds of answers in this simple, fact-filled book.

Rabbits, Rabbits, and More Rabbits!

By Gail Gibbons
Holiday House, 2001
ISBN: 0823416607
Ages 5-8

Did you know that rabbits can see better in the dark than people can, and that their remarkable instincts allow them to detect enemies two miles away? Nonfiction writer Gail Gibbons introduces young children to both tame and wild rabbits with bright illustrations, diagrams, and unusual facts.

Bunnies (A Wild Wonder Book)

By Mary Sivertsen and Sarah Jacobsen
CreateSpace, 2019
ISBN: 1548310921
Ages 5-9

Follow along with baby bunnies from their first day of life in their underground burrow, as they gradually open their eyes, grow fur, and begin to explore the outside world. The simple text features highlighted vocabulary, comprehension questions, activity ideas and glossary.

Welcome to the World of Rabbits and Hares

By Diane Swanson
Walrus Books ,2000
ISBN: 1552850242
Ages 7-8

What is the difference between rabbits and hares? Did you know that rabbits may play dead to trick predators, or that a mother rabbits can have up to twelve babies at once? Amazingly, a snowshoe hare can jump the length of two beds laid end-to end! Find fascinating facts, sidebars, index, and wonderful photographs in this engaging book.

All Things Rabbits for Kids

By Animal Reads
Admore Publishing, 2022
ISBN: 3967720810
Age 7+

Colorful photographs, surprising facts, and even bunny jokes make this a fun book for kids interested in raising and caring for domestic rabbits.

Rabbits, Bunnies and Hares! A Fun Activity Book For All Ages

Animal Activity Books, 2019
ISBN: 1795298928
Ages 7-9

Full of mazes, word searches, coloring pages, and design challenges, this rabbit-themed activity book will keep young bunny lovers busy.

Rabbits For Kids (Amazing Animals book)

By Rachel Smith
Mendon Cottage, 2015
ISBN: 1517397626
Ages 8-10

Discover different kinds of rabbits -- European Rabbits, Cottontails, Pygmy Rabbits, Australian Rabbits -- as well as hares and pikas. Learn about how their appearance, actions, and characteristics make them such appealing and interesting animals.

The Everything Pet Rabbit Handbook

By Sarah Martin
CreateSpace, 2014
ISBN: 1495488594
Ages 8-12

Written for young people who want to have a pet rabbit, this informative book covers the basics of owning, training and caring for a happy and healthy pet.

Rabbits: The Ultimate Bunny Book

By Jenny Kellett
Bellanova Books, 2023
ISBN: 6192640130
Ages 9-12

Covering everything from rabbits in popular culture, to rabbits’ life cycle, to rabbit taxonomy, to rabbits as pets, this fun interactive guide will captivate budding bunny experts.