How to Code a Sandcastle How to Code a Roller Coaster

By Josh Funk
Viking Books for Young Readers, 2018 and 2019
ISBN: 0425291987 (Sandcastle), 0425292037 (Roller Coaster)
Ages 5-8

In these engaging, colorful books, Pearl and her robot pal Pascal use code to get the job done at the beach and the amusement park. Topics such as variables, sequences, loops and algorithms are introduced through entertaining stories that kids will love.

The Official Scratch Jr Book: Help Your Kids Learn to Code

By Marina Umaschi Bers and Mitchel Resnick
No Starch Press, 2015
ISBN: 1593276710
Age 5+

Even young kids can learn to program with the help of ”Scratch Jr.“ With this free programming software and an iPad or Android tablet, just about anyone can learn programming. Young learners can create animations, stories and games while learning the basics of coding, making this an ideal stepping stone to more advanced programming skills.

Women Who Launched the Computer Age (You Should Meet)

By Laurie Calkhoven
Simon Spotlight, 2016
ISBN: 1481470469
Ages 6-8

When we think of the world of computers we don't often think of women as the inventors, creators, or developers of computer technology. This book will inspire girls to be a part of the computer world just as the six women who programmed the ENIAC in 1946 were.

Computers: What They Are and How to Use Them (Zoom in on Technology)

By Tricia Yearling
Enslow Publishing Inc., 2016
ISBN: 0766073637
Ages 6-9

This is a great tutorial on computers, what they can do, and how they do it. Full-page photographs accompany each concept.

How Computers Work (Computing For Kids)

By Nancy Dickmann
Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2019
ISBN: 1538252589
Ages 8-10

Computers are part of our daily lives, but how do they work? This introduction to digital technology uses colorful infographics and simple text to teach kids about the history and design of computers and the hardware that makes computers run. Other books by this author in the Computing for Kids series are Networks and the Internet and Computer Programs and Coding.

Lift The Flaps Computers and Coding

By Rosie Dickens
Usborne Publishing, 2016
ISBN: 1409591514
Ages 8-10

This fact-filled, interactive volume introduces technology in a fun and fascinating way. Young readers discover how computers work as they lift the flaps to learn about hardware, programs and networks. Also included are puzzles, vocabulary, and suggestions for further learning.

Help Your Kids with Computer Coding

By DK Publishing
DK Publishing, updated edition 2019
ISBN: 1465477322
Ages 8-12

Have you ever wanted to learn computer coding? This book will give you a good head start. Learn what computer coding is and why computers need it. Then learn to do your own with the help of Scratch and Python. Colorful and engaging images highlight the simple project instructions. This is a terrific resource for kids and parents to use together.

How to Code in 10 Easy Lessons: Learn how to design and code your very own computer game (Super Skills)

By Sean McManus
Walter Foster Jr., 2015
ISBN: 1633220508
Ages 9-13

The author breaks the subject down into ten “super skills” so that coding becomes an accessible and exciting pursuit. Step-by-step instructions and graphics guide young learners as they progress through writing simple code to ultimately creating their own computer game.

The History of the Computer: People, Inventions, and Technology that Changed Our World

By Rachel Ignotofsky
Ten Speed Press, 2022
ISBN: 1984857428
Age 10+

A graphic text illustrating the history of computing machines, from the abacus to the smartphone and beyond. The key creators of technology and the impact of their inventions are highlighted with amazing artwork that will engage everyone who is interested in computers.